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Jasmine from California

Age: 18

How will going to college help you achieve your dreams and goals?
Going to college will allow me to make my dream of becoming a jewelry designer a reality. I want to express new artistic forms in jewelry and specialize in custom order jewelry, serving both a local and global customer base.

Explain who/what in your life has inspired you to go to college.
Everyone in my family has attended college and I see them doing well in their careers because of it.

I've also seen and been inspired by the jewelry work of current students and alumni at the jewelry design program I'm enrolling in. I am excited to attend college to learn new things and meet others in the same field.

Explain your biggest obstacle to overcome in making college happen and what you're doing to help overcome it.
The biggest obstacle for me has been the finances that are needed to attend college. Because of this, I have applied for several scholarships and have won a couple. I've already submitted my FAFSA. And I have put aside money I've earned from selling my jewelry pieces online and from winning arts or jewelry contests and competitions.