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Sarah from Florida

Age: 14

How will going to college help you achieve your dreams and goals?
A college education will help me pursue my goals because it would enable me to have the necessary certifications and knowledge for jobs relevant to my dreams. My preferred profession is in education of performing arts, more specifically dance or music theory. It is a well-known fact that educators of any sort must acquire certain degrees to be qualified. Going to college will assist me in getting those required degrees and experience. Obtaining a degree will be my key to success in becoming employed as I wish. Achieving my goal of teaching others to find themselves through performing arts is dependent on going to college; therefore, it is imperative I attain a degree.

Explain who/what in your life has inspired you to go to college.
While a myriad of people inspire me to go to college, my parents have been my biggest supporters. Throughout childhood, I was taught to always work hard and try my best in hopes of succeeding. My father stressed the importance of integrity and discipline, whether in school or life in general. My mother showed me that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to as long as I forget the past and think ahead. I am inspired to go to college and prove these points to the rest of the world through my academic successes. Regardless of my scenario, I will strive to receive a college education to repay my parents for their everlasting support and love.

Explain your biggest obstacle to overcome in making college happen and what you're doing to help overcome it.
Like many students in the 21st century, a lack of money is my biggest obstacle in making college happen. The projected tuition cost for my dream degree costs about $175,000. I am currently working to overcome this obstacle by earning and saving money now as a high school freshman. While I am still too young to work, I am arranging my options to start work as soon as possible. My parents and I have saved college funds for several years. Applying for scholarships has become somewhat of a hobby for me; I apply for about four scholarships each month hoping to one day receive a check. I am also working to resolve financial conflicts by earning college credits while in high school. After talking with my guidance counselors, I have a plan to finish my A.A. degree before receiving my high school diploma. Having one less year of college to pay for will help me save a LOT of money. Being proactive now, while I still have time to make decisions and plan, is my main strategy for overcoming my financial obstacles.